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    Activity and travel gear

    As a parent, it is your job to protect your children, so invest in strollers, car seats, walkers and all the essentials they need for their comfort and safety.

    The baby gear you need

    These are the essentials you need when you travel with babies or plan kids' activities. From lightweight strollers to newborn car seats, it's all here.

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    Top picks

    Travel systems are versatile two-in-ones, while travel cots are perfect for your little one. No wonder savvy parents love these choices!

    Beloved brands

    Babyshop brings you the best baby travel and activity brands under one roof. Millions of parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles place their trust in these names,
    how about you?

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    Safe journeys begin this way

    The right car seat will ensure your child is protected while on-the-go. Consider their age and weight while picking one. Rear-facing car seats are usually recommended for kids below two.

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    Baby and kids' activities

    An active, engaged child is a healthy, happy one. These playgyms, walkers and ride-ons will foster their growth and help direct their energy.

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    Online exclusive baby brands

    These styles are exclusively available on our site or app. Shop them from anywhere, anytime.